Hailing from the great city of Wichita, KS, Allison has looked forward to being a professional dog trainer for her entire life! Though she grew up in a family that didn’t have pets, she always wanted them.

Allison has had a firm belief for several years that she was born to be a dog trainer. She grew up caring for and playing with the dogs of her various family and friends. She stayed fascinated and intrigued with the prospect of teaching and taming dogs that have rough exteriors – but kind hearts.

After handling and caring for hundreds of dogs, Allison progressed through the KC Dawgz Apprenticeship Program to further develop her knowledge and dog training abilities and has developed into one of the top trainers in the area – specializing in Group Classes, Obedience, and Behavior Modification. She proudly boasts American Kennel Club Certification.

Allison strives to always develop a close and personal relationship with every furry friend that she encounters. She believes that training has the ability to create strong relationships between dogs and their parents through engagement, understanding, and obedience.

She has a husky named Bumi, who is a fantastic trick dog, and a cat named Egg. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her pets and going on hikes.