Maureen’s journey as a dog trainer started at the young age of 16 when she brought home her very first German Shepherd puppy, Celia. Eager to raise her new puppy properly, she began to research the science & art of dog training and how to effectively communicate with dogs. She began her journey by reading books, watching videos, and talking to other trainers to gather as many different perspectives to implement in her own training. Before she knew it, she had taught her dog over 100 different behaviors ranging from simply sitting, to advanced tricks such as putting laundry in the washer and painting pictures.

What started as a hobby for Maureen, would then go on to ignite her passion turning what she loves into her career. In 2014, Maureen attended the Tom Rose School for professional dog trainers where she graduated after 5 months of intensive training. From there, she would go on to train dogs at multiple kennels all over the U.S

Maureen has trained and imprinted various dogs in the areas of competition obedience, service, therapy, tracking, agility, scent discrimination, and protection. She has worked with countless pet owners in effectively teaching both dogs and their owners how to develop proficient obedience and structure within the dog’s behaviors. Maureen has also helped in the rehabilitation of numerous aggressive, fearful, and reactive dogs; some of which were extreme cases. With her larger than herself personality and ability to tailor her training specifically to the needs of these dogs, no task is too big for Maureen.

She is an open-minded individual who brings many innovative, versatile techniques; applying them in an individualized manner depending on the needs of the dog/handler team. Maureen currently owns three German Shepherds Celia, Griffin, and Smith who she competes in sports such as AKC Obedience and IGP.