Originally from the Springfield Missouri area, Victor has developed a fierce love for dogs. He was terrified of dogs as a young child, but when his family adopted two Schnoodle mixes (Scooter and Zippy) his heart, and his life, changed forever. He spent the next two decades focused on turning his passion into a profession.

Victor feels strongly that dog training has been his calling. Growing up caring for many of his family and friends’ dogs. He is currently with a Belgian Malinois named Auri and a cat named Tom. With his affinity for dogs it quickly became apparent that he would need to learn how to train and work with these gentle giants.

After studying his undergrad at Missouri State University, Victor then decided to put his knowledge and love for dogs to use while embarking (pun intended) on his journey to change dog training from a hobby to a profession. Taking matters into his own hands, he began learning the art of dog training and dog psychology.

After completing the KC Dawgz apprenticeship program, Victor has propelled himself to be one of the top dog trainers in the greater Kansas City area. Victor is a Group Class, Obedience, and Behavior Modification specialist. Having dealt with hundreds of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, Victor always strives to better the relationship between both the dog and owner in his training through means of obedience, engagement, and the building of confidence and trust in each other.