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Are You Considering a Harness for Walking Your Dog?

When you’re out for a walk it’s normal for a puppy or a dog to get super excited as they are keen to explore and experience all the things that are going on around them. Many dog owners will use a harness to stop their dog from pulling, but this is not an effective method. In actual fact, working with your dog so that she learns to walk properly is the only way to fix the problem. By teaching your dog or puppy how to walk calmly when he is on a harness, not only will this help you from being pulled, it is also a great way to teach your dog how to be calm when he meets other dogs or new people.

Why dogs pull on their harnesses

The reason dogs pull on their harnesses is because they have learned that this is the way that they get to move forward. When a dog pulls on a harness and the owner moves a step in the direction that they have pulled, the dog has been given a signal that pulling on the harness works.

Stopping your dog from pulling

As a dog owner, you need to train your dog that if they pull on their harness when you are walking, you’ll stop walking. Teach them that by walking next to you on a loose harness, they will be able to move forward. Expecting your dog to walk on a loose lead is not a quick training process, it may take several months and lots of time and patience. Thankfully, the dog training is actually quite simple. However, when you go out for a walk you need to expect your walk to last longer than normal. If you stick to your training routine you will soon be rewarded with walks that are much nicer and calmer and a dog who no longer pulls and seems happier.


Many owners buy all kinds of products and equipment to stop their dogs from pulling, but it’s not usually of any use. In fact, some of these products can actually cause pain or discomfort. Be sure that whatever harness or collar you use is comfortable to your dog.


We will outline one of the ways you can train your dog not to pull.

  1.  As soon as you put your harness on your dog, stop walking. Once the harness is slack, start walking.
  2.  Each time your dog walks next to you on a loose lead reward him. Never reward your dog when he pulls.
  3.  When you begin training, do it in a quiet area where your dog will not be distracted.
  4.  Be consistent, it may take time, to begin with, but it will be worth the effort once your dog has mastered it.

Teaching a dog to walk on a loose leash is one of our most requested dog training services. If you give it a try but are having trouble, give us a call. We would love to help out.