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Board your dog with us for 2-4 weeks. We will do all of the heavy lifting and then teach you how to enjoy your perfectly trained dog.
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Private Dog Training in kansas city


Train with a Professional Trainer, 1:1 and learn skills in concert with your dog.
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Join one of our classes and learn specific skills alongside others as you work with a professional dog trainer.
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We are a team of expert dog trainers who love working with dogs and their owners to develop well behaved, lovable pets to enjoy for years to come. At our nationally renowned dog training facility in Overland Park, KS, KC Dawgz offers you full spectrum dog training services with a balanced approach. So whatever type of dog training you are looking for, KC Dawgz has an option for you.



What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • 5 star review  I can’t thank Mo and team enough for the work and effort they put into our dog. We adopted our 5 year old, 125 lbs boy and he had some bad habits that were a huge concern. He was a very aggressive guarder of bones and toys which made it hard for us to play and discouraged us from giving him fun things. Now he happily drops, leaves it and plays and plays! He also did a complete 180 on the leash and doesn’t pull! As big as he is it’s a major concern and it’s been so relaxing to take him on long walks so he can lose those extra pounds and also just so he can enjoy life! Mo also made strides for our dog’s aggression towards other dogs. He can now go to dog parks!!! (Muzzle on of course). Training here at KC Dawgz has taken so much stress and worry out of our lives and improved the relationship with our giant fur baby. I can’t thank Mo enough for her advice and help throughout this process. I highly recommend KC Dawgz to everyone! Rather fine tuning or (like us) a complete change they have really blow us away.

    thumb Betsy Roderick
  • 5 star review  We are so happy with KC Dawgz and our pups trainer, Ulysses. They taught us both so much and we are seeing the results we hoped for after doing the 2-week board and train. Charlie is doing SO great with his implied sit, coming when called and our YES parties 🙂 He seems more relaxed and confident too. Mike Sligh runs a great operation--it's very obvious they understand how to communicate with dogs and treat them lovingly while doing what they do. I was also very happy with how clean and professional the facility is. I highly recommend KC Dawgz! Thank you all you've done! We'll see you soon at the follow ups!

    thumb Julie Baker
  • 5 star review  KC Dawgz worked wonders with my very reactive 6 year old male Bouvier. I had tried several other trainers (one of which purported to be a board and train facility). I spent thousands of dollars trying to get his issues under control. Nothing worked, in fact the problem escalated. I was very hesitant to try again and thought I just had to live with his reactivity. I met with Mike and he convinced me to try again. I took a couple private lessons and then decided to try the 2 week board and train. During the two weeks, they kept me updated on his progress and sent me videos of him in situations where he would normally be reacting. I picked him up at the end of the two weeks and thought I had a new dog. I am so excited to enjoy walking my boy, he no longer acts out when ever we encounter a person, dog or bike. He isn’t completely perfect YET, but his improvement is AMAZING Thanks Maureen you are a genius.

    thumb marla fricke
  • 5 star review  We signed up initially for private lessons for our puppy since we would not be able to attend all of the puppy classes due to us moving. But they were very accommodating and we were able to go to half of the puppy classes before moving. The staff is amazing and very knowledgable, we had so much fun at the puppy classes and are sad we could not stay. If we move back I would defiantly bring my dog here again for training.

    thumb Ashleigh Kreutzer
  • 5 star review  Omg this place is unreal great Service. The team was is unbelievably talented. My family felt so blessed by the services they provided. We rescued A poodle named Collin now he was amazing but he had a lot of behavioral issues Mike came along and fix them all.

    thumb J McEniry
  • 5 star review  KC Dawgz is all that is promised. They went above and beyond our expectations and our dog came back a different dog. Special shout-out to Maureen (Mo) and owner Mike! Highly recommend KC Dawgz for anyone needing any dog training. Excellent knowledge of dog training techniques and you feel their passion. Love you guys- kudos!

    thumb Bailey Brown
  • 5 star review  KC Dawgz is AWESOME! When we took our 1 1/2 year old rescue dog in for the 14-day Board & Train she new nothing but her name and was not potty trained. On top of that she was a runner and did not come when called. After the program she came home a completely new dog. Moe is a fantastic trainer and so passionate about what she does. We highly recommend KC Dawgz!

    thumb Sharon Abernathy
  • 5 star review  We had the best experience with KC Dawgz! Our 6-month-old puppy participated in the 2-week Board and Train Program. We worked with Maureen, who was so nice and knowledgeable! Our dog had a hard time adjusting at first and everyone was quick to give her extra attention and love so that she felt reassured during her stay. Even Mike, the owner, reached out to see what could be done so that we were 100% satisfied with our experience! We wanted more frequent updates of our puppy and Maureen was happy to send pictures and daily updates to let us know how our puppy was progressing and what was accomplished each day. Our puppy was unsure of other dogs before training and the day-play aspect to the program really helped our puppy feel more confident around other dogs, and she made a bunch of friends over her stay! Prior to training, our puppy struggled with basic commands and was not a good leash-walker. We saw HUGE progress in these skills and were especially pleased by her heeling ability!! We are so happy we worked with KC Dawgz and will continue to work with them to refine our puppy’s skills!

    thumb Maggie Newell
  • 5 star review  KC Dawgs was amazing! They worked with me to make sure I got the help and training I needed for my puppy. They took time to teach me at home techniques to maintain the training as well. Our trainer was both knowledgeable and very experienced and made both me and my pup feel at ease through the 2 week process.

    thumb Samara Nazir
  • 5 star review  I highly recommend KC Dawgz to any dog owner in need of help with training. My experience with them was nothing but positive. Mike clearly understands dogs and knows how to train them; and so does his staff, who are each friendly, hard-working, and passionate people. I put my dog in their 2-week board and train program and was amazed by home much they were able to teach and train him in that relatively short amount of time. Any honest dog trainer will tell you that they can only do so much - that it's up to you after the initial training to continue to reinforce their new behavior and integrate them back into your home. After the 2-week board & train program, they teach you the system that they use to train, provide you with the tools you need, and offer their continued help in the future. My only complaint is that in order to be able to successfully continue their training on your own, you need to purchase an E-collar (which costs a little over $200), and that wasn't discussed until after the training program. You could use other "positive punishment/negative reinforcement" tools, but an e-collar is what they use. Plus, e-collars do make dog training much more simple, so I would recommend one nonetheless. In conclusion, I looked around the KC area and compared dog trainers prior to working with Mike and his KC Dawgz team, and now that I have worked with them, I doubt that you could find a better board & train program in the state.

    thumb Jon Foiles


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