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We are a team of expert dog trainers who love working with dogs and their owners to develop well behaved, lovable pets to enjoy for years to come. At our nationally renowned dog training facility in Overland Park, KS, KC Dawgz offers you full spectrum dog training services with a balanced approach. So whatever type of dog training you are looking for, KC Dawgz has an option for you.

Our owner and lead dog trainer, Mike, is an internationally experienced dog trainer who has trained with the top trainers in the world including Michael Ellis, Tome Rose, Nino Drowaert and Bart Bellon. His dynamic approach to dog training, known as “The System”, is generally regarded as a perfect combination of the most contemporary and effective dog training methods in use today. Mike and his self chosen team of expert dog trainers continue to place KC Dawgz as one of the most well-respected dog training centers in the USA.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • review rating 5  Ulysses was our dog's assigned trainer for the two week board & train program. I was very apprehensive about spending the money on a 3 year old mutt, but the dog is 80 pounds and was unmanageable for my wife and daughter. When we left the dog, we made it clear we had high expectations. Ulysses asked pointed questions about issues we were having with the dog, and put extra attention on the problem areas. He got to know our dog quickly, identified her motivators, and put her in training situations over and over. Ulysses hard work and dedication took a barking, leash aggressive, horrible to walk, stubborn dog, and train her into a full integrated family pet. The only regret we had was suffering 3 years with an incorrigible dog. We are a dog family, and when the time comes to get another puppy, it is going to veterinarian for a full physical, and then to KC Dawgs for training.

    thumb Mark Rafuse
  • review rating 5  Mike and his staff are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. I have a 1 year old black lab mix who is very energetic and needed training/structure. Mike developed a customized training plan and my dog's behavior has changed dramatically for the better in a short period of time. I'd highly recommend KC Dawgz to anyone who is looking for high quality professional obedience training for their dog.

    thumb Andrew Vance
  • review rating 5  KC Dawgz is AWESOME! When we took our 1 1/2 year old rescue dog in for the 14-day Board & Train she new nothing but her name and was not potty trained. On top of that she was a runner and did not come when called. After the program she came home a completely new dog. Moe is a fantastic trainer and so passionate about what she does. We highly recommend KC Dawgz!

    thumb Sharon Abernathy
  • review rating 5  KC Dawgs was amazing! They worked with me to make sure I got the help and training I needed for my puppy. They took time to teach me at home techniques to maintain the training as well. Our trainer was both knowledgeable and very experienced and made both me and my pup feel at ease through the 2 week process.

    thumb Samara Nazir
  • review rating 5  Fantastic experience that exceeded all expectations. We took Fabulous Fiona, our Australian Cattle dog mix to the two-week board and train and the results were simply amazing. We have had dogs for 35 years that have all been well trained. However, In two weeks they corrected some behaviors and installed good obedience skills that would have taken us years. Not only did their training save us years and frustration, they have raised her ceiling. She walks wonderfully on the leash, sits/lays down....and stays. Recall is great, and she doesn't jump on folks. They also gave us the tools to correct some behaviors that we don't like....and its working! The program that they use is simple to understand and implement. The program includes follow up appointments with our invaluable, as she had to train us, after she trained the dog. We invested in our family member, and the return will be three-fold. Yes, we spent some some $$, but the cost averaging over her expected life it comes out to pennies a day. Our trainer (Shameless plug for Maureen) was professional, passionate and enthusiastic in her approach. The results cannot be debated, nor the fact that our little Fiona loves her trainer! The owner and staff were all wonderful. It will take some work on our part but we know the course. and have the road map. You may see Fabulous Fiona around town at restaurant patios, home depot or other places where dogs are allowed. She will be the "cutie with the ears" living the dream. The best is not what they did for us, but what they did for Fiona. She will have a wonderful life of adventure and fun, thanks to the great people at KC Dawgz!

    thumb Kent Schwemmer
  • review rating 5  We wish we could rate KC Dawgz even higher than 5/5! Our 5 month old puppy has so much fun when learning his new skills. He is always anxious to start learning and Mike makes the training fun and interactive for everyone. Mike always gives great tips and advice to help us train our new puppy on our own at home. Even after only 2 private sessions, we can already see improvement in our puppy’s behavior. We would highly recommend KC Dawgz!

    thumb Allison Caldwell
  • review rating 5  I highly recommend KC Dawgz to any dog owner in need of help with training. My experience with them was nothing but positive. Mike clearly understands dogs and knows how to train them; and so does his staff, who are each friendly, hard-working, and passionate people. I put my dog in their 2-week board and train program and was amazed by home much they were able to teach and train him in that relatively short amount of time. Any honest dog trainer will tell you that they can only do so much - that it's up to you after the initial training to continue to reinforce their new behavior and integrate them back into your home. After the 2-week board & train program, they teach you the system that they use to train, provide you with the tools you need, and offer their continued help in the future. My only complaint is that in order to be able to successfully continue their training on your own, you need to purchase an E-collar (which costs a little over $200), and that wasn't discussed until after the training program. You could use other "positive punishment/negative reinforcement" tools, but an e-collar is what they use. Plus, e-collars do make dog training much more simple, so I would recommend one nonetheless. In conclusion, I looked around the KC area and compared dog trainers prior to working with Mike and his KC Dawgz team, and now that I have worked with them, I doubt that you could find a better board & train program in the state.

    thumb Jon Foiles
  • review rating 5  I sent my 1-year old lab, Bucky, here over a year ago. When Bucky was a puppy, he was one of the hardest dogs I’ve ever owned. I taught him all the basic commands- but he only listened when he wanted to. After sending him to training with Mike for a month- Bucky now comes to work with me every day. He is our hospice emotional support animal. He is literally a perfect dog (not that he wasn’t before) but now he listens to everything, doesn’t need a leash, and he just hangs out next to me all the time. This was the best thing I could have done for my dog. I will do this for every dog I own after Bucky too.

    thumb Nicholas Carroll
  • review rating 5  We took our 10-month old Rhodesian Ridgeback to KC Dawgz. We were looking all over in Kansas City and St. Louis for dog training and boarding. We jumped all in with the 28-day Board & Train package. Best money we have ever spent for our puppy! We picked her up and she is a completely different dog. Athena is now well mannered, and a whole lot easier to manage at home. It is awesome to have her home and minding like we always wanted her to. The trainers at KC Dawgz are awesome and answer all of your questions and concerns. And the owner takes time out to come and say hello to you as well. They are all truly involved in the training of your dog. It isn't a cookie cutter business, they truly do care for your pets like you would want them to. Hands down the best experience we could have hoped for. THANK YOU KC DAWGZ!!!!!!!

    thumb Benny Alvarez
  • review rating 5  We took our 3 year old rescue Annie (pointer/heeler mix) for private training and worked 1 on 1 with Mo. Mo was so attentive to our needs, and did an excellent job with us as handlers, allowing us both to develop our skills and teach us how to train our dog. Their methods build effortlessly on each other week to week and I have seen such a wonderful change in our dog’s behavior and overall demeanor. It is an investment you will not regret and a group of people that truly love their job. Mo lives and breathes all things dog training and is able to confidently direct both dogs and humans! We highly recommend KC Dawgz.

    thumb Katie Robertson



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