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Dealing with Nipping and Biting

The sharp, tiny teeth hidden behind the cute puppy face is definitely something we all dread.

Similar to tooth development in human babies, puppies too develop teeth as they grow up. And as they are teething, they want to explore everything around them by putting it in their mouths. But unlike a human baby, a puppy’s gums are not soft. Instead, they have very sharp, needle-like teeth. And the pain you experience as the puppy bites your arm or finger for the first time might come to you as a surprise. Yes, the first few times when the puppy chews on your arm might seem cute, but when this lovely little gesture turns into a habit, it can be extremely painful.

Fortunately, you can train your dog, and very soon, they outgrow this habit. All you need to deal with the problem of biting and nipping is to train your dog using these simple steps.

Train Your Puppy Using Cues

If your puppy bites you while playing, one possible way to deal with biting and nipping is to end the game immediately. You don’t need to yell or shout at the dog. As soon as you stop the game, this will give the message to your pet that they have done something wrong. All you need is to be consistent with this consequence.

Provide an Alternate Item to Chew

What do you give to your little ones when they are teething?

A chew toy!

It is a good idea to give an alternate chew toy to your puppy as well. You can find chew toys for puppies that help satisfy your puppy’s need to chew while keeping your hands, fingers and cellphones safe.


If your puppy exhibits the same behavior every time while playing, putting it in a time out is also one of the possible options. Again you don’t have to be angry or upset. All you need is to gently put your puppy in their crate so that it can calm down. Another critical thing to remember here is that crate shouldn’t be associated with punishment. Instead, it is time out corner where your puppy can calm down and relax.

Provide Adequate Opportunities for Rest

Sometimes an overtired puppy may end up biting or nipping. If you feel this is the typical behavior of your pet, then make sure you provide adequate opportunities for rest throughout the day.

Reinforce Positive Behavior

Often times, we forget to appreciate when our dogs behave the way we desire. If your pet already has the habit of biting and nipping but on a particular day, your pet acts like a “good dog” don’t forget to appreciate it. Offer a reward!

Enroll in a Dog Training Program

If your dog continues to bite despite training and reinforcement, it is a good idea to enroll it in a dog training program like KC Dawgz. We offer private and group dog training along with a board and train program. All these sessions are intended to teach and enhance the best behavior in your dog. To know more about our work, call now at (913) 217-7288


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