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Enjoying Your Dog’s Bath Time

Does your dog hate bath time? Then it’s likely that you too do!

With an anxious and nervous dog, how can bath time ever be an enjoyable time for bonding? But with a few tips, you can make bathing a pleasant experience for yourself and your dog. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Go for a Walk

Dogs naturally enjoy the outdoors. And they tend to enjoy bathing more when they are feeling hot and exhausted. And what is a better way to exhaust your dog than a long walk? An added advantage: your dog is too tired after a long walk to resist a bath.

Be Patient

If you are in a rush, then bathing will be a terrible experience both for yourself and your dog. Choose a time of the day when you are relaxed so that you can focus on your pet.

Stay Positive

It is only natural to be turned off when you experience bathing resistance from your dog every time. So if you plan a bath but are reluctant, your pet can sense it because dogs are excellent at picking up body language. A better approach is to bring in a positive attitude when planning to bathe your dog. You will be surprised to see how much a difference it can make.

Make Bath Time Fun

When you are relaxed, focused, and positive, you can transform your puppy bath time into enjoyable playtime. Think of ways to make bath time fun. Add your pet’s favorite toys to the tub. Very soon, your dog will have a positive association with bath time.

Make Sure the Water is Warm

There is a difference in how humans and dogs perceive temperature. What might appear to be warm to you might give a shock to your dog.

Water should be warm but comfortable. This is something you definitely need to take care of.

Start Young

Young puppies often have difficulty adjusting to bath time. As a result, many pet owners delay bath time until their puppies are grown up. As a result, it is more difficult to adjust. So it is better to start bath time when your puppies are still young.


Reward your pet immediately after bath time. You can do so by bringing food to the bathing area. Your dog can quickly feed itself after the bath.

Take Small Steps

Make sure you give your dog enough time to adjust to the idea of a bath. First, let your dog get comfortable with the sound of running water. Later, you can add water to the tub and place a mat in the tub so that your pet doesn’t slip. Once your pet is comfortable with and around water, bath time is bound to be fun.

Despite trying all these tips, if you are still struggling with bath time, it’s time to consider getting professional help. At KC Dawgz, we help you with dog training so that your pet develops the right behaviors. You are bound to notice a positive change in your dog’s response just after a few sessions, so why not invest? Call now at (913) 217-7288 and book a slot for your dog!