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How To Make Bath Time Easy And Fun For Your Dog

Giving your doggie a bath is an unpleasant chore for both you and your dog. While you struggle to get them in the tub, they struggle to get out. You know that bathing and grooming your dog is necessary for their well-being, but they consider bath time to be a form of torture that you’re putting them through. Either way, it is a chore that you need to get out of the way.

But it doesn’t have to be such a difficult task for the two of you. A little effort from you can make bath times fun and easy for both you and your dog.

Get the Right Supplies

Before you push your dog into the bathtub, make sure you go shopping and get the right supplies. Start by getting a good-quality dog shampoo. Human shampoos aren’t good for your dog’s coat. They might even make them itchy and ruin their beautiful, shiny hair.

Next, get a brush that you can scrub your dog with to get the tangles and knots out. Keep an old towel handy to dry your dog as soon as he gets out of the bathtub. Let him sit out in the sun or blow-dry him to keep him from catching a cold.

Condition Your Dog

It’s not a good idea to directly call the dog into the bathroom and put them directly in the tub. Doing this might make them even more scared of the water, which will make bath time an absolute nightmare. You should condition and train him to associate the bathroom and your tub with good things. Lure him in with treats and teach him to jump into the bathtub, even when you’re not bathing him. This will make him familiar with the place and will serve to ease the stress when bath time comes around.

Keep the Water at the Right Condition

Your dog already doesn’t like water, but water at the wrong temperature is despicable. Experts suggest that setting the temperature at 37 degrees Celsius. It is warm enough to be comfortable, but you can adjust the settings according to the size and breed of your dog too. Some larger dog breeds have difficulty cooling down after a hot bath, making them hate bath time even more.

Don’t Rush it

One of the worst things you can do during the bath is rushing it. We know both of you want to be done with the job as soon as possible, but you being in a hurry and working too fast can make your dog uncomfortable and stressed. Without the right dog training, your dog might even jump out and refuse to take a bath. Therefore, take your time lathering him up and scrubbing him. Use bath time as bonding time for you and your doggie.

Use Soothing Sprays

There are essential oils and herb sprays that smell nice, and help calm your dog’s nerves. Invest in some, and spray them in your bathroom to ease the tension a bit.

Reward Him during the Bath time

Keep a bag of treats with you. Keep rewarding your dog throughout bath time. If he jumps in the tub, give him a treat. When you’re done with the lathering, give him treat. When you’re brushing his coat, give him treat. When he’s out of the tub, and when he’s done drying himself, give him a treat.

Hopefully, over time and with certain tricks, bathing your dog won’t seem like such a hard chore, and you will successfully make bath time easy and fun for your dog. If you have behavioral issues, with a little professional dog training, your doggie will learn to enjoy his baths in no time. At KC Dawgz Dog Training Academy, we have private dog training as well as group dog training. After a few sessions with us, he will be a good boy and you will have no trouble bathing your dog!