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Dog Training

Walking your dog should be an enjoyable time for both of you to get
some exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, many walks turn into
someone being dragged down the street. How do we teach our pups to
walk beside us on a leash?

It is often easiest to start teaching leash walking inside. An area
without new smells and sights will help your dog pay attention to what
you are doing. Start walking with your dog beside you. If they begin
to pull ahead, turn around and walk the other way. When your dog
feels the leash suddenly get tense, help encourage her back to your
side, then reward her with some petting or their favorite treat.
Repeat this process until your dog is consistently staying at your
side without pulling ahead, adding in different speeds and turns as
well. When you can walk nicely inside, start to practice outside in
environments with lower distractions (quiet park, back/front yard,
etc.). Remember to make things a bit easier at first since this will
be a more distracting environment. Use lots of rewards and praise when
your dog does the right thing. Slowly fade out the frequency of
rewards over time as your dog improves. After a bit of practice, you
will be on your way to a leisurely stroll that you can both enjoy.
At KC Dawgz, loose leash walking is one of the most requested
areas of focus for dog training.


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