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Why Your Puppy Needs Puppy Class

A lot of new puppy owners will have differing opinions about whether puppy class is right for their new puppy. Unless you have plenty of time on your hands and can spend nearly every moment of your free time with your puppy pal in her first year in the world, you and your puppy need puppy class.

Here are just a few of the ways that KC Dawgz’s puppy classes can give you and your canine companion the foundation of a lifelong friendship.

The Potty-Break Challenge

If you’re the proud owner of a new puppy, have you counted how many minutes each day you’ve spent watching your puppy to make sure that she’s not sniffing out a new place to do her business in your house? Training your puppy not to take a potty break indoors is one of the top concerns of new dog owners. Experts suggest that the solution can be to enroll in puppy classes sooner than later. At KC Dawgz, our staff of trained experts can pay special attention to the individual needs of potty training your puppy.

Social Hour

Socialization with other people and dogs is just as important as training in your new dog’s life. Experiencing the world is a lot for a new life to take in, and it can be much easier for your dog to do alongside other dogs. KC Dawgz’s puppy classes makes meeting new friends fun for you and your newest canine friend. Our classes even include a “recess” time for the puppies to play together!

Training Fun

If you’re committed to having a well-trained dog, you have to be willing to reinforce training behaviors from an early stage. Most dogs won’t start learning basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” until they’re around 2 months old. The earlier you enroll your puppy in puppy class, the easier it will be for him to pick up new information.

Reinforcing the same basic commands that you’ve taught at home can help with behavioral issues that may arise down the line. Bring your puppy to our puppy class early and reap the benefits of early learning. Click here to get enrolled!