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Teaching Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

If you have recently adopted a pup, it could be an exciting time for you. In between cuddling with the little fur baby and housebreaking him, you need to quickly start puppy training him to walk on a leash too.

Dog walking is an essential chore you will have to shoulder. The sooner you teach him leash manners, the sooner both of you can go out and about in town!

A young puppy will adapt to a leash very quickly if you do it right. Once he gets used to walking with you obediently on a leash, you guys can go take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or go trekking and camping; the possibilities are vast!

Why is a Leash Necessary?Man walking his dog with a leash

You must never take your dog out without a leash. Invest in a good quality leash and start getting your dog used to the idea of wearing one. The leash is not unnecessary, it offers many benefits and protects everybody from harm

  • ▪ It prevents him from jumping people or attacking them.
  • ▪ It lowers their chances of catching a disease like Parvo because they can be stopped from sniffing trash and other filth.
  • ▪ It protects your dog from the traffic or other, unrestrained animals
  • ▪ It prevents him from wandering off alone somewhere and getting lost.
  • ▪ It can help you and others recognize your dog and let people know he has an owner.


What kind of Leash Should you Get?

Now that you are convinced that a leash is an absolute necessity when taking your dog out, you need to go leash shopping! Pick a good quality, non-retractable, and sturdy leash so you and your dog can learn to walk together without any trouble.

A word of warning: Though there are a lot of retractable leashes in the market, we strongly advise purchasing a non-retractable one. Retractable leashes can be potentially dangerous for the dog and have been shown to give the owner lesser control over their dogs.

Getting Your Dog to Walk on a Leash

If you do everything right, your dog will love walking on the leash with you.

  • ▪ Get your dog comfortable with the feel of the leash around him first. Practice putting the leash on him while in the house, and let him bound around on his own so he gets familiar with it.
  • ▪ Give him simple commands like sit, stop, or walk while on the leash and see if he obeys.
  • ▪ When he is okay with the idea of a leash, start taking him on short walks. Go around your neighborhood, but make sure that there are no distractions or crowds that could agitate him. 10-15 minutes of walking would do for now.
  • ▪ If you think he’s ready, gradually increase his walk times, and take him to moderately crowded streets and dog parks.

Within a week or so, your doggie will have learned to walk like a good boy with his owner!

While dogs are quick learners, you do need to be patient with your doggie when he is learning. If you don’t have the time to undertake the dog training yourself, you can hire professional dog trainers at KC Dawgz who can leash train your dog for you! Call us at (913)-217-7288 to book a spot for your dog!


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