KC Dawgz Private Dog Training Programs

The Power of Private Dog Training: A Journey to a Happier, Well-Behaved Canine Companion

KC Dawgz Private Dog Training Programs

Are you a dog owner looking for a more personalized training experience for your furry friend? If so, you’re not alone. Many dog owners prefer one-on-one training sessions that are customized to their specific needs and the unique personality of their pet. At KC Dawgz, we offer a one-on-one, private dog training program that is designed to address your specific concerns and work around your schedule.

Why Choose Private Training?

Private training sessions offer a more focused and personalized environment for your dog. These sessions are ideal for dog owners who have specific behaviors or training results they want to address. Whether you’re looking to correct a problematic behavior or simply want to teach your dog new tricks, our private training program can help.

What to Expect from Private Training?

During our private training sessions, we work closely with you to identify the needs that are most important for you and your dog. These sessions can be as fun or focused as you like, but the results will be clear. You will develop an excellent understanding of the foundations of training and gain the ability to continue the applications at home.

The Benefits of Private Training

The benefits of private training are numerous. Dogs will benefit from behavior modification and training that results in a happier and well-behaved family member. As an owner, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your dog’s behavior and learn effective techniques for reinforcing good behavior and correcting bad habits.

Join Our Long List of Happy Clients

Join the long list of dog owners who have seen the benefits of our private one-on-one training program. Whether you’re looking for specific behavior modification or training and have the time and interest to be involved, KC Dawgz’s training program is for you.

For more information, give us a call at 913.217.7288 or visit us at www.kcdawgz.com. KC Dawgz is a dog training facility of excellence located in Overland Park, Kansas. We look forward to helping you and your dog embark on this exciting training journey!

“These trainers are amazing! We did the 2 weeks board and train and can’t believe the progress our dog made while there! He was a repeat visitor to the city pound before we rescued him. Very loving, but too clever for his own good and needed some help finding his motivations and direction. We waffled about the price quite a bit before signing him up but decided if you’d pay this $$ for a physical ailment to heel/help your dog then you should be willing to pay it for their mental health and wellness as well. It was definitely worth it! He’s a completely different dog and we (dog and humans) are all so much happier for it! I’d recommend this place to anyone looking to help their dog be a happier, more manageable part of their family.”


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