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Tips for New Dog Parents

Are you planning to introduce a dog to your family? Are you excited? Bringing a new dog to the house can be a time of excitement, but if you are a new dog parent, it can also be a little overwhelming. As you bring a new dog home, it is best to be prepared ahead of time and know what to expect. Below you will find five essential tips that can help you smoothly get through this situation.

Pet-Proof Your Home

This might sound surprising, but you need to prepare your home as you bring a new family member. Pet-proofing your home is one of the most important things you need to do before you bring a new dog.

Regardless of their age, dogs are curious. They like to spend time exploring their environment so toxic items of the shelves, in the cabinets, or on your kitchen counter can be dangerous. Start pet-proofing your home by removing all detergents and cleaning products, sharp or small objects, loose wires, and other fragile items.

Always remember that a new dog in the house requires as much attention and care as a newborn. So make sure your home is safe for your new baby.

Dog Training

Bringing in a new dog may be exciting, but the excitement soon fades away as you notice the soiled carpet or aggressive behavior in your new pet. This is where dog training comes into play. Dog training is perhaps the most challenging aspect of being a dog parent. Many new dog parents do not realize how difficult and time consuming it may be. It is a great idea, to begin with training your dog by yourself, but if your schedule does not allow it, you can also seek professional assistance in dog training.

Exercise and Balanced Diet

Dogs naturally have more energy than most other pets. As you bring in a new dog, make sure you provide enough opportunities for outdoor walk and exercise. Also, before you bring home your new pet, get all the information about the dietary needs of your dog. Dogs, especially puppies, should never given food items such as nuts and baby food. They have their nutritional requirements, and it is important to fulfill them.

Get Toys For Your Dog

Dogs quickly get bored, and since you leave them at home while you go for work or shopping, don’t forget to get some durable toys for your dog.

Regular Check-Up

A dog’s health is as important as your baby’s health. To ensure the health of your dog and the safety of your family members, make sure you schedule a regular check-up with the vet. They can guide you about proper care and vaccinations which your pet may require.

If you are a new dog parent and are concerned about the right development of your pet, don’t forget to enroll your dog at KC Dawgz Dog Training Academy. From potty training to controlling aggressive behaviors, our training programs are designed to bring the best out of your dog while you can sit back and relax. To book a slot for your dog, call now at 913-217-7288.


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