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Dog Field TripsTraining Field Trips: Take Your Dog Anywhere

Have you ever been out in public and seen someone anxiously struggling to control a dog? Maybe the owner was tugging at the dog’s leash or running behind the dog. Maybe the owner was even yelling at to poor pup? Maybe you thought to yourself, “How embarrassing.” Many of the outdoor spaces and public places that we enjoy are not so pet friendly, but it’s possible to have a dog that behaves well in all public spaces. Sound impossible? It’s really just a matter of training.

Beginning to train your dog to behave in public places can prove challenging at first. Effective training boils down to exposure and experience. That’s why KC Dawgz’s dog-behavior specialists train your dog in a unique way: we get out of our Overland Park facility and into pet stores, hardware stores, and even to the park during training. This helps us train your dog to demonstrate positive behaviors in a variety of public spaces, regardless of how many people or distractions she encounters.

Training in multiple locations is just one way that we teach your dog how to behave no matter what the circumstances. We also switch trainers regularly so that your dog learns that he is expected to be on his best behavior with anyone and everyone, all the time. After all, sometimes you might need someone else to let your dog out for a quick walk because you’re gone from home longer than you thought you might be. With the right training, your dog can be a joy for anyone to walk, even when you’re not there.

You are your dog’s best friend, just as he or she is yours. Don’t you want others to see you both on your best behavior? In order to avoid any embarrassing moments, your dog should be well trained to behave in public places. At KC Dawgz, our dog-training specialists use training field trips to give you and your dog the tools to be impressive to your friends and neighbors. It’s easy to get enrolled in our training classes. All you have to do is contact us to find out about which class is right for you.