What Sets You Apart From Competing Dog Trainers in KC?

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When it comes to training your furry family member, you want the best, and that’s where KC Dawgz comes in. At KC Dawgz, we are committed to setting ourselves apart from competing dog trainers by providing customized training programs tailored to your family’s unique needs. We understand that every dog and family have their own goals and challenges, and our team is here to help you achieve them.

Our Diverse Training Background

At KC Dawgz, we take pride in our diverse training background. We’ve learned from a wide variety of trainers and methods, including renowned institutions such as Kennelwood Academy and Tom Rose Academy. Names like Jonas Black, Michael Ellis, Larry Krohn, and STSK9 have also influenced our training philosophy.

But our commitment to learning doesn’t stop there. We actively encourage all our trainers to continue their education by attending seminars and workshops. This dedication to ongoing education ensures that we are always up-to-date with the latest techniques and methodologies, giving us an edge that sets us apart in the world of dog training.

Customized Programs for Your Needs

Here at KC Dawgz, we believe in the power of customization. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach because we recognize that every dog and family are unique. Your goals, challenges, and expectations are our top priorities. Our training programs include:

Board and Train

Our board and train program is ideal for those who want their dogs to receive intensive training while staying with us. This program allows your dog to benefit from the expertise of our trainers, ensuring they make significant progress.

Day Train

Day train is another option for busy pet owners. You drop your dog off in the morning, and they spend the day working with our trainers, returning home with newfound skills and improved behavior.

Puppy Classes

We understand the importance of starting training early, and that’s why we offer two puppy classes:

Puppy 101

It’s perfect for those considering a board and train program but whose puppies aren’t quite old enough. It’s a great introduction to our methods and provides valuable socialization opportunities for your puppy, as they interact with up to 12 other dogs.

Puppy 201

It’s the next step in your puppy’s training journey. Building on the foundation from Puppy 101, we introduce distractions and real-world situations to ensure your puppy’s behavior is reliable in any situation.

Companionship Agility

For those looking to bond with their dogs while promoting agility and fitness, our companionship agility classes are a great choice. These classes strengthen the human-dog connection while keeping both you and your furry friend active.

Private Training

We offer both in-facility and in-home private training options. In-facility training allows your dog to work one-on-one with an experienced trainer in a controlled environment, while in-home training brings our expertise to your doorstep, addressing specific issues unique to your home.


At KC Dawgz, we pride ourselves on our commitment to setting ourselves apart from competing dog trainers. Our customized programs, diverse training background, and dedication to ongoing education make us the top choice for dog owners seeking effective and tailored training solutions.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you and your furry companion achieve your training goals. Your dog’s journey to better behavior starts here.