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Which Dog is the Best for You?

Finding a new dog is one of the significant decisions for you and your family. If you are sure that you are ready for a new dog, then the next consideration is always “what type of dog is best for me?” Several factors can affect your choice of the right dog. Below you can find out some of the key considerations which can help you find the best dog.

Your Lifestyle

Perhaps the most critical consideration when it comes to finding the best dog for your family is your current lifestyle. Keep in mind your needs and the needs of your family. Do you have enough time during the day where you can train the dog and provide for the right level of activity? Are there children, older parents, or other pets in the house?

If you are someone who has a busy schedule and does not have time to adequately train and provide for the physical activity of the dog, then choose a dog with low energy levels and activity needs. A possible solution could be to enroll your new pet into a training program. If you have children and other people in the house with allergies, then you can go for low shedding dogs.

In all, your lifestyle and preference is the most critical consideration when it comes to deciding the best dog for your house.

Size of the Dog

Smaller dogs are cute and may be easy to carry around, but you may be someone who likes giant dog breeds. If you are not sure about which size of dog you should have, then the best choice is to go for a medium-sized dog.

Size is a crucial consideration because it affects a lot of other basic needs of the dog, such as food and space requirements. Smaller breeds are easy to train compared to larger breeds of dogs. But if you want a dog who can keep an eye on the strangers, go for a giant breed even though some of the smaller breeds of dogs can also be excellent watchdogs.

Energy Levels

Dogs are perhaps one of the most energetic pets you will ever find. Different breeds of dogs have different energy levels. But breed is not the only factor affecting energy. Dogs of the same breed, too, can have drastic differences in the energy levels. But regardless of the breed, every dog needs an exercise routine. If your schedule does not allow for more than two or lesser casual walks every day, then choose a breed with lower energy levels such as Basset Hound. But if you jog around and want your pet to be your new partner, then dogs with higher energy levels should be your choice.


Puppies are cute and may your heart away, but perhaps they are the most difficult ones to train. So if you are ready for a lot of mess in the house and have the patience and time to deal with the tiny ones, then choose a puppy. But if you want a mature dog who is relatively trained and can adjust to any environment, then an adult dog should be your choice.

There are many other considerations when it comes to choosing the best dog for you. But no matter which dog you choose, we can help you train it well. At KC Dawgz, we offer individual and group training programs that are ideal for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds.

To know more about how we do it, call now at 913-217-7288.


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