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Is a Board and Train Program for You?

Dog training is a mandatory chore that you have to undertake when you decide to adopt a dog. When a new dog enters your life and house, you have to teach him basic manners, as well as equip him with some understanding of commands so that both of you can communicate with each other.

While dogs are intelligent creatures and training them is not too hard, some people can’t take out the time to, or are unable to train the dogs themselves due to other reasons. For such people, dog trainers exist who can do the job for you. In fact, there are even boarding programs where the dogs are trained and come home fully trained to you!

Board and train programs are very effective as they ensure the dog is under the watchful eye of his trainer 24/7. Board and train programs are also very quick to teach as dedicated trainers in a conducive environment work to make sure that your little fur babies can go home to you as soon as they are ready.

But does your dog really need a board and train program? That depends on a number of things.

Your Schedule

Very often, pet parents do not have the time to attend individual training sessions with their pets. They might have busy work schedules, other responsibilities, and commitment, or might travel a lot. For such people, a board and train program is an ideal opportunity that allows you to sit back and relax while a professional takes care of your pet, providing an all-rounded type of training.

Your Dog’s Temperament

Your dog’s temperament also matters when it comes to training. As a general rule, submissive pets are easier to train, but if your dog is headstrong with more “Type A” personality traits, that you are finding difficult to handle, then a board and train program is ideal for it. Though all types of dogs can be trained, an energetic trainer is often required if you want to train a dominant dog, and you can easily find one at a board and train facility. Moreover, older dogs can be somewhat resistant to training and often are difficult to train by non-professional trainers.

The Boarding Facility

An exceptional dog board and train program can make up your mind for you.  You can easily find a boarding facility that offers standard care for the digs, including meals, a place to sleep, and playtime. But if you can find a boarding facility that goes above and beyond the general standards and provide extra medical care and 24 hours assistance to your dogs, then definitely these are ideal for boarding your pet.

Board and train programs are a good idea if you have a busy schedule or if your dog’s temperament isn’t letting you train the dog to the best of his capabilities. While board and train programs are expensive, the convenience and superior training surely make up for it.

There is no single answer to whether you should board your pets or not. It is definitely a good idea, but only you can be a good judge of whether you can provide your dog with the same level of training or not. If you are looking for a board and train facility for your dog, visit KC Dawgz.

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