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Top 5 Boredom Busters


Start working on fun new trick!

Some classics include: Play dead, roll over, shake, or high-five. Want something a little more advanced? Turn that high-five into a wave so your dog can wave hello to all his friends.

Get a puzzle toy!

Your local pet store, Amazon, Chewy, the options are endless for a place to stock-up on new toys that will make your dog use their smarts while they have fun figuring out how to get their treats.

Take a Class!

Whether it is an obedience class or something different like agility or trick class, getting into a good training routine in a group setting will help to reinforce training that your pup already has, as well as learn things. Group classes also allow your dog to get used to listening around other people and dogs.

Go Shopping!

Did you know that pet stores aren’t the only place you can shop with your pooch? Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Scheels, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply, and even some locations of department stores like Macy’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Ross.

Head to the park!

Even our daily walk can benefit in boredom busters for your puppy. Head to the park and turn that walk around the neighborhood into a chance for your dog to take in new sights, smells, and sounds. Some parks even offer off-leash dog areas if your canine companion likes to play ball or socialize with friends.