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Trip in Dog Friendly StoresDog Friendly Stores

Tired of the same old training routine? Looking for something different than the usual walk around the block? Why not take a shopping trip with your dog? Kansas City has more dog-friendly stores than you might think. Your trip with your four-legged friend isn’t limited to the pet store. Taking your dog out into new environments has all kinds of benefits! Not only is a great way to reinforce training by practicing around all the distractions that will be around, it can even help dogs who aren’t so sure around new things begin to build confidence. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning new adventures with our canine companions. We should always take our expectations down a notch when we are in a distracting environment. Your pup may heel like a rockstar in the neighborhood, but the overwhelming amount of new sights, smells, and sounds can make it hard for them to remember what they are supposed to do. We can give them a leg up by making sure to take lots of treats to reward good behavior. Another important part of taking your dog into public is to remember good etiquette. Some people don’t like strange dogs coming up and greeting them. They may be scared or have allergies or any number of reasons to want to keep their distance. Remember to keep your dog leashed and controlled. The same applies to other dogs you might see. Always ask their owner before letting your dog go meet a new friend. If someone is training or trying to get some exposure to a dog that might not be comfortable, they may want to distract their dog by letting them interact with others. The same applies to you! If you want to focus on training, or if you think your pup needs some practice being out before they get even more distractions thrown at them, don’t be afraid to politely decline if someone wants to say hi to them.


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